KPASS Speech Contest 2023 CONGRATULATIONS to Team AOBA! 24 November 2023

On Saturday 11th November, the Kanto Plains Association of Secondary Schools (KPASS) Speech Contest, open to students in G6-G12 was held in Yokohama. Eight international schools took part and the results were a sweep of awards for Aoba students. 

We are incredibly proud and extend a huge congratulations to the following students for their awards.

G10 Naho  – Gold for Original Informative 

G10 Urika  – Silver for Original Informative

G10 Jessica & G10 Takeshi – Silver for Dramatic Duo

G8 Tamar  – Gold for Poetry 

G8 Tamar (again) – Bronze for Impromptu 

G6 Haru – Bronze for Original Persuasive 

G6 Yume – Bronze for Original Persuasive 

Many of these students have been with Aoba for many years and their excellent performance is a demonstration of all the work that has gone into preparing them for whatever they would like to do later in life.

We think you’ll join us in congratulating all of them, but also reflect on the excellent environment and learning that occurs at Aoba that supported these wins. 

Aoba’s education engages our students in real life problems, real life thinking, and we do so through a collaborative team-based approach. This echoes what students will experience later in life. It requires full engagement from the students and it challenges them not just academically but socially. Also, it requires them to bring together their thinking and their social skills in one cohesive manner. This wonderful achievement of the KPASS Speech Contest is evidence towards this excellence.

Thank you also to our dedicated teachers, Ms. Yoneda, Ms. Hannah, Mr. Buteau and Mr. Robertson, for coaching and supporting the students.

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