Bunkyo Art Gallery Exhibition 2024:
An Art Story
by Riona Horino 13 March 2024

To start off, as a part of the Grade 12, I would like to applaud for your time and efforts being put for your creative artworks and amazing exhibition at the end!


Explanation from Ms. Sarah Jones (Bunkyo art teacher) about the exhibition: 

“​​This Bunkyo Art Gallery Exhibition is a final exhibition that is the culmination of the students’ IB Art experience. Students present a selection of their best work in the form of a curated final show, and defend and articulate their purpose and intention in a written rationale. An art exhibition must show the student artist’s technical skill, a coherent relationship between works and a consideration for the overall experience of the viewer/audience. 


The Exhibition involved IB Art students having their own separate booths with artworks and descriptions about each art piece that they have selected from all of their art piece collections. During the exhibition Aoba teachers, Aoba students, BGHS students and some of the parents looked around the booths and had great interactions with the IB Art students. I have noticed viewers engaging with the artists, delving into their intentions behind the artwork, their creative process, and the reflections they have during and after its creation. Moreover how it can lead to or help to shape the artists’ aspirations for the future. 


Interview to the Artist: 

Noa Kishimoto:

The overall theme to the art was “Limbo in Water”. The theme of her art had its own enigmatic theme and it’s a concept that’s a breath of fresh air. Her association with a well believed religious concept and water, and it’s mix, is what I associate Noa’s phenomenon since she has been a creative person herself, it speaks how she works and thinks about her surroundings.  


Sara Albusaidi:

The overall theme to the art was the ”Vital Essence Of Water”;  her art was made up of a collection of four artworks, each of them chosen to represent the crucial role of water in various aspects of our world: for humans, animals, plants, and the earth itself. The exhibition seeks to provoke awareness of critical issues of water conservation and the positive impact of water on natural ecosystems.

The exhibition overall was a very successful and very interactive time with students, parents, and BGHS students. And especially through this event, we were able to get together and share some of our international school spirit with BGHS students!   


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