Raising Global Leaders: Yuuki Takada’s Path to Becoming a Professional Golfer 4 July 2024

An interview with Ms Yuuki Takada, a student at our online campus, was published in the media, Nichigo Press.

Interview Article:
“Yuuki Takada, Online student, G11 Aoba-Japan International School — After graduating with Aoba’s online high school diploma, she is off to the USA to fulfill her dream of becoming a Professional Golfer.”

*The article is written in Japanese, so the following are excerpts in English.

Yuuki Takada, a 16-year-old golfer from Tokyo, is making waves in the golfing world. Despite being only 16, she has already won several tournaments, including the Queensland Junior Amateur Championship. However, balancing her passion for golf with her academic pursuits was a challenge. That’s where Aoba Japan International School’s online program came in.

Yuuki joined the school’s online program to continue her studies while pursuing her dream of becoming a professional golfer. As a golfer, her schedule is often unpredictable, with early morning practice sessions and tournaments that take her all over the world. Attending a traditional school would be difficult, if not impossible. But Aoba’s online program allowed her to stay on track with her education while still devoting time to her golf career.

Yuuki began playing golf at the age of 6, after her father took her to a practice course near their home in Australia. She was hooked from the start and has since dedicated herself to perfecting her game. In addition to her golf training, Yuuki is pursuing the Global Leadership Diploma (GLD) program at Aoba Japan International School. The GLD program is designed to develop leadership skills and prepare students for university and beyond.

Aoba-Japan International School is well recognized for an internationally accredited program with campuses based in Tokyo. Aoba more recently has expanded the offering with an internationally accredited online program for high school students. This flexibility allows students to choose the format that best suits their needs. For Yuuki, the online program has been a game-changer, allowing her to balance her academic responsibilities with her passion for golf.

In an interview with us, Yuuki shared her thoughts on what makes Aoba-Japan International School special: “I think what sets Aoba apart is its focus on innovation and technology. The school provides a platform that allows students to learn in a way that suits them best, whether that’s online or offline.”

Aoba Japan International School’s mission is to “Lead the positive change in the world,” and it seems that Yuuki is well on her way to achieving her goals with their support. With her sights set on winning the Evian Championship in France, Yuuki is working hard to develop her mental and physical strength, as well as her language skills. Thanks to Aoba-Japan International School’s online program, she can pursue her dreams without sacrificing her education.

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