2022 Bunkyo “Celebration of Arts” Exhibition

On March 18 we hosted the Aoba “Celebration of Arts” at our new Bunkyo campus.

This evening we celebrated the G12 DP Visual Arts students accomplishment as burgeoning young artists and showcased their artistic talents. These pieces were put on display in the 1st floor communal space and the black box theatre.

The exhibition also featured pieces created by other art students from the school. Our G12 DP Film student’s self-made video in the exhibition room together with artworks from G11 Visual Arts students. G10 students’ digital photography were also showcased and presented in the form of a gallery walk along the curved walls of our 2nd floor hallways.

To compliment the visual feast, Senior School music students put on individual and group performances every 15 minutes for the enjoyment of the grade 9 guest students from our Hikarigaoka campus as well as the student visitors from the neighboring Bunkyo Gakuin.

We are accepting applications