Senior Years Programme

In high school, Aoba provides multiple pathways for students, including the internationally recognized IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) and the Aoba Global Leadership Diploma (GLD) program.

IB Diploma Programme (IBDP)

The DP offers a curriculum that provides students with the opportunity to study six subjects, which include at least two languages, a humanities subject, a science subject and mathematics. The courses provide a breadth and depth of knowledge, which means many universities provide college credit for students who do well in them. It develops the whole learner through the learner profile, allowing them to grow as individuals. Students are required to complete a service program as well as a 4,000-word research paper. The theory of knowledge course, which is another compulsory part, lets students explore how knowledge is gained and what it really means. Assessment in the DP is via a series of externally marked or moderated components such as examinations or assessed essays and is judged against the stated goals of the DP courses using direct evidence.

We offer more than 20 different courses, mostly face-to-face but some online. We have incorporated an increasing blended learning component in our face-to-face courses that allows students to better direct their learning to best suit them.


Aoba Global Leadership Diploma (GLD) Program

The GLD program prepares learners for effective participation in a rapidly evolving and increasingly global society by providing an environment where they are coached to enable them to determine their own educational pathways. By focusing on their passion and enablement, GLD learners are coached (and learn to coach) to develop the skills and attitudes of successful, happy, leading citizens able and willing to make a positive change in the world. Identifying their passions, and building pathways to multiple options in their chosen field, hands ownership to exceptional young people who then create the greatest possibilities for their future starting from today.

The global leadership diploma is based on the Core Values (Characteristics) of a Global Leader:

  1. Global Leadership
  2. Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  3. Effective Communication
  4. Wise Risk-Taking
  5. Effective Problem Solving

Students undertake the coursework towards credits to achieve the internationally recognized high school diploma.

GLD students learn to:

  • Work effectively as a member of a team.
  • Learn through the inquiry process.
  • Be independent learners capable of being responsible for their own learning.
  • Be effective communicators through a variety of media.
  • Understand aspects of global leadership and coaching skills required to succeed in the 21st century.
  • Digitally save their assessments, creative work and any relevant achievements and activities in their own ePortfolio, retrievable beyond their time at AOBA JIS.

Learning Pathway:

GLD students are expected to develop their own unique learning pathway. This is based on:

  • Establishing individual interests, skills and backgrounds.
  • Inquiry into possible careers, businesses, and entrepreneurship activities.
  • Establish the type of training institutes, universities, etc., as potential providers.
  • Clearly establish what is required during their time at AOBA JIS to gain entry to such establishments.
  • Create their own learning pathway at AOBA JIS.
  • Take responsibility for managing their time and coursework through inquiry, support resources both human and online, and other media.
  • They are expected to keep track of their progress and ensure that all work, assessments, and products of inquiries are available to GLD blended learning teachers.

We are accepting applications for 2023-2024