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Addressing Educators at IQRA University, Karachi, Pakistan

Robert Thorn of A-JIS was invited to address delegates at the IQRA University’s International Conference on Innovation and Emerging Trends in Education & Social Sciences.  IQRA University topped the league of universities in Pakistan this year.  The conference hosted educators from universities and schools throughout Pakistan and beyond.  

Robert spoke about the possibilities of transforming education within the current system through an inquiry approach to change.  The approach allows change to occur from the cultural perspective of the people in the system therefore strengthening positive aspects of culture rather than imposing external changes that weaken culture.

Throughout the conference, interest was generated around developing connections especially in teacher training and the development of entrepreneurship.

Visit From Three Hong Kong Schools – Tuesday 13th June

A-JIS was recently introduced (by our friends at Gunma Kokusai Academy) to a group of three forward-thinking schools from Hong Kong as an example of an ‘interesting school to visit’ on their tour of schools in Japan.  The Man Kwan Educational Organisation sent nine school leaders including three heads of school, and several deputies. The schools are: Pat Kau College, QualiEd College, and The Jockey Club Edu Young College, Hong Kong.

The schools, which have a strong focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) education were impressed with the strategies being implemented by Dr Paul Lowe who has started rearranging the way learners work in teams in science. Dr Lowe is coaching other teachers to do the same in all subjects.

Dr Paul Lowe describes his approach to teamwork for motivation to guests from the Man Kwan Educational Organisation, Hong Kong

A-JIS’s newest educator, Mr Kokoro Ozawa, held a meeting with the visiting team to explain his work in developing blended learning tools for IB courses and also his new role as MEXT team member focusing on the Hong Kong Japanese School.

Mr Kokoro Ozawa addresses the guests from Hong Kong

The visitors were also impressed at the approach of Head of School, Ken Sell, who, with A-JIS Director of Blended Learning, Paul Fradale, outlined the school’s strategy towards implementing a high-quality, progressive approach to education that will see A-JIS not only become one of the top school’s in Asia but also a leading influence in education in the region.

Head of A-JIS, Mr Ken Sell copies of co-authored books for guests

The visiting team represented a wealth of experience and expertise in many areas we can learn from also and our relationship seems set to grow with talk of reciprocal visits and focus projects.  We look forward to developing further relations with this prestigious organisation.


Mr Wing-Tung Wong Principal of Pak Kau College presents A-JIS Head, Ken Sell with a gift that represented collaboration between teachers and learners.

Visiting Leadership Expert Paula Sugawara Challenges A-JIS Learners to Look at Leadership – Tuesday 13th June

Ms Paula Sugawara, who is heavily involved in leadership development for Lee Hecht Harrison in Tokyo, visit A-JIS to address learners from grades 9 to 10.

This was not a lecture but a workshop comprised of questions that challenged our young people to think about their attitudes towards taking on leadership roles.  Questions such as ‘What is a leader and how does that differ from being a manager?’; ‘Why be a leader’ and ‘What stops us being leaders’ were asked and groups wrestled with these issues to provide feedback and questions from their perspective.

Leadership is an issue when it brings with it responsibility, effort and wisdom.  It is far too easy to allow others to take the lead and not bother – but we can see where that leads us when we end up with the sorts of leaders who take us in the wrong direction.  We all have a responsibility to lead our communities towards a better way of living and we should not fall into the complacent or futile way of thinking that we cannot make a difference.

The workshop was organised by Mr Bullock of A-JIS who also arranged for some of the participants of Tuesday’s event to lead the same workshops for younger learners from grades 6 to 8 the next day on Wednesday 14th June.

We hope to collaborate further with Ms Sugawara and thank her greatly for her time.

Student-Led Conference

Over the past two weeks the PYP students, from K3 to Grade 5 at both Hikarigaoka and Meguro campuses, were involved in the Student-Led Conferences. Each student had the opportunity to lead a conversation around his/her process of learning and shared this with their parents. A big thank you to our school community for coming to support and celebrate our students’ learning.

Grade 5 Moving On Ceremony

The Grade 5 Moving On Ceremony was held today to mark the transition from PYP to MYP. The students reflected on their final year of the PYP and the growth that they had felt and observed. They described the things that they were grateful for and thanked their parents for all that they had done to support them. The proud expression on each student’s face summed up their excitement and readiness for the next phase of their learning journey. Congratulations Grade 5!!