Aoba Expands Teacher Education Initiatives with the addition of University of Melboune 6 April 2022

Aoba has been at the forefront of innovative education since BBT acquired it in 2013 with the explicit intention of positively influencing education in Japan and the wider Asia-Pacific region. Part of Aoba’s mission has been to educate the next generation of teachers, seeking to develop within them the dispositions and skills necessary to prepare students for participation in a highly connected, competitive worldwide economy.

Aoba already has collaborative teaching internship agreements in place with Tsuru Bunka University, International Christian University, and a Danish University consortium. Aoba is delighted to announce that the University of Melbourne and Aoba are now collaborating to provide overseas internship opportunities for University of Melbourne students in their Master of Teaching programme at Aoba campuses in Tokyo, Japan from autumn 2022.

The universities provide student teaching interns who have been given a thorough grounding in state of the art teaching theory through their graduate school studies. Aoba provides expert mentoring in applied, innovative teaching practice within the Aoba Inquiry Cycle used across all campuses. Through this collaboration, intern teachers acquire hands-on knowledge and experience as a global educator for the 21st century.

In addition to the internship collaborations, Aoba has been providing in-depth International Baccalaureate (IB) training to Japanese undergraduates and graduates for several years through the International Christian University graduate course taught on the Aoba Hikarigaoka Campus by Paul Fradalé, Head of Hikarigaoka Campus, as well as series of IB seminars with students from Tsuru Bunka University.

These university collaborations benefit the Japanese, Australian, and Danish communities through educating their young teachers; the collaboration also benefits Aoba, as both ICU and Tsuru Bunka University graduates have joined Aoba as teachers after graduating from university. Aoba is dedicated to cultivating a focussed range of relationships with elite universities around the world to continue to push the boundaries of education.


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