The Hikarigaoka Fire Department Award Ceremony Three A-JIS students received Awards of Excellence for their paintings

We are pleased to announce that A-JIS students Selen (G1), Mao (G4) and Karin (G9) received Awards of Excellence for their artworks at the Hikarigaoka Fire Department Award Ceremony.

A total of 124 students (from Gr 1 to Gr 4 and Gr 9) participated in the Hikarigaoka Fire Department’s painting contest. Out of 9 schools in Hikarigaoka area, 1,336 students participated and only 147 students’ paintings were selected for the final stage at the fire department. From us, 15 students were selected by our art teachers Mrs. Villa and Ms. Burdzy.

Selected paintings were exhibited in Hikarigaoka Plaza on the 2nd floor of Hikarigaoka Post Office near the station on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 August.

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