The Global Leadership Diploma (GLD) is Aoba-Japan International School’s personalized high school pathway, that can be taken in-person or online. All GLD students are awarded the internationally accredited Aoba High School Diploma. This standard diploma opens the doors to entering top universities worldwide and in Japan, and future career aspirations.

The GLD is a high quality program that



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Find Your Element

At the intersection of your abilities and interests lies your element: where passion comes alive to serve the world. Find your element through the GLD program. Leadership coaches help students identify an area they enjoy and want to learn about. That element then flows through students’ coursework, allowing them to develop knowledge and experience that can be directly applied after graduation.

Build Your High School Path

Every student is unique, with their own personality, strengths, interests, and future goals. The Global Leadership Diploma is designed with student diversity in mind. It allows students to explore their individuality while supporting them to successfully achieve their goals.

The GLD is a flexible and highly customizable senior school pathway that allows students to follow their individual passions and academic interests. The GLD provides a proven pathway for students to enter universities worldwide and succeed in today’s competitive career landscape.

GLD graduates go on to become successful entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, technology specialists, medical experts and more.

Your Leadership Coach and You

The Leadership Coach forms the core of the support system for all GLD students. Each student is assigned their own Leadership Coach who is responsible for working with them over the course of the two year programme to develop their personalised learning pathway and support them on their journey to future success.

Strong Post-graduate Candidacy

Because GLD students come away from the program with experiential learning, a robust portfolio of relevant project work, opportunities to study advanced academic subjects,  as well as internship experience the Aoba GLD gives students an edge in their university applications and future careers when compared to traditional high school diplomas.

Upon successful graduation, students are awarded the Aoba High School Diploma. Accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) the Aoba High School Diploma is fully recognized by Universities in North America, Europe, Asia and elsewhere around the world. The Aoba High School Diploma is also recognized by all Japanese universities.

Former Aoba graduates have gained acceptance to leading global universities including some of the following.

Study Online

The future is digital, and the Global Leadership Diploma is designed to allow students to pursue their passions and empower them for future success : wherever they are. By taking advantage of the GLD online enrollment option, students can study 100% remotely from anywhere within a growing selection of international time zones. Leveraging Aoba’s customized online learning platform alongside cutting edge communication and collaboration software, the Online GLD is more than a substitute for traditional school; it’s a brand new education experience that takes students beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

The Online GLD allows students to meet and form lifelong friendships with schoolmates from around Japan and the world, and to further personalize their program of study in a manner unique to their local context : students in Okinawa can earn credit while diving with dolphins and exploring marine biology, while those in Tokyo may choose an internship at a multinational corporation in the heart of the city.

Aoba’s Online GLD is designed to meet students where they are in order to take them where they want to be.

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