4-2 Victory for Jaguars! 11 September 2018


Despite a slow start and trailing 2-0 in the first few minutes of the opener. The Jaguars kept their heads up and managed to close the gap 2-1 by the half. The team made some minor adjustment in the second half playing great defense throughout and created opportunities for our leading goal scorer(Conrad) to score another 3 times before the final whistle. All players on the team had a chance to play and made some very important contributions leading to the 4-2 victory for Aoba.

Thank you to everyone who came to watch the game!

Game details

1st half
0-1 Nishimachi 5′
0-2 Nishimachi 16′
1-2 A-JIS (Conrad) 27′

2nd half
2-2 A-JIS (Conrad) 37′
3-2 A-JIS (Conrad) 40′
4-2 A-JIS (Conrad) 47’

Don’t miss our next game on Saturday 15!

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