MYP Art & Design Showcase 2024:
Displaying Creativity 24 January 2024

This school year has been marked by remarkable learning experiences for our Aoba students. To commemorate these achievements, Aoba hosted an MYP Art & Design showcase on Friday, January 24th.

The showcase was student-led, with the students taking the initiative in areas such as online publishing and stage lighting, showcasing their talents in fashion design and interior design.

The event featured students who created digital storybooks, performed light and live acts, presented on interior design and comic books, and concluded with an impressive fashion show. In addition, over 10 groups participated in the talent show, bringing excitement to the audience with dance performances, band acts, singing, and magic shows.

To enhance the experience, the Aoba Alliance and Student Council independently provided hot drinks, miso soup, and rice balls to the community. Each rice ball carried a heartwarming message, contributing to a supportive atmosphere that helped calm the nerves of the performers.

Despite the chilly evening, the students persevered to showcase their creations in a packed gym, impressing parents and demonstrating the creativity nurtured by Aoba.

The evening was truly wonderful, as students and the community came together interactively, sharing a delightful and memorable experience.

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