Summer Program 2022 6 April 2022

 Registration for this year’s Summer Program closed after a very successful run. 

The next session will be the Winter School during the winter holidays. Stay tuned!


Future announcements for external students and the local community

★From September, we will be running an after-school programme (16:00-17:00) in which external students can participate with Aoba students. The details of the programme will be shared on our school website once finalised. 


★Aoba Community English School (ACES) is now accepting applications!

The ACES is an English Lesson Program organised by Aoba where you can practise and improve your English conversation skills with our native English speaking teachers.

【Date & Time】Once a week (starting from the 3rd week of September, 17:00~18:30)

【Place】Aoba Japan International School, Hikarigaoka Campus (Corona infection control)

【Target】18 years old and over.

【Contents】English conversation program based on Aoba’s original curriculum.

【Teacher】Native English Speaker

【Cost】 12 lessons: 12,000 yen

【Application and enquiries】Email :

【Application deadline】17 September 2022 (as soon as the number of places is filled)


Thank you for waiting!  We are finally running our summer program after 2 years! 

This program is open to the local community to brush up on their English, learn in English and make friends.

【Grades and Dates】

◆For kinder to 2nd year junior high school students

Period ①:7/18~7/22 (5 days) *Application deadline 4 July Registration closed

Period ②:7/25~7/29 (5 days)    *Application deadline 11 July Registration closed

◆For kinder, primary school students, junior high school students

Period ③:8/1~8/5 (5 days)    *Application deadline 18 July  Registration closed

Period ④:8/8~8/12 (5 days)    *Application deadline 25 July Registration closed


【Place】Aoba Japan International School, Hikarigaoka Campus (7-5-1 Hikarigaoka, Nerima-ku, Tokyo)

Hours9.00 am – 3.00 pm

【Program Contents

  • Small-group classes on an elective basis
  • English language learning (English, Maths, Integrated studies, Music, Art, etc.)
  • Project-based inquiry learning in groups
  • Experience languages other than Japanese and English.
  • Experience what you want to do in English (e.g. physical education, painting, musical instruments, etc.)
  • Out-of-school activities (excursions) and pool activities

* Classes and activities vary according to children’s English level.

* This program is open to local residents.

【Corona infection control measures】Temperature check on arrival at school, no school if feverish and return home, hand sanitisation, wearing masks indoors, regular ventilation, silent meals.


【Cost】 70,000 yen each term (+10,000 yen initial registration).

School lunch available: 6,000 yen each term.

【Application】Please fill in the dedicated application form.

*Application deadline: 2 weeks before the start of each period, or as soon as the number of places is filled.

【Payment】Please make payment as per the invoice sent to you after application.

※If payment is not received after the payment deadline, the application will be cancelled.

※Please note that there are no refunds after payment.


We are accepting applications for 2022-2023