A-JIS New School Year Announcement - Summer Challenge Camp Oze National Park

Summer Challenge Camp Oze National Park

From Aug. 25 (Fri.) to Aug. 26 (Sat.) our G11 & G12 students will come together for a two-day Summer Challenge Camp!

This year, the camp will be at Oze National Park; the highest Marshland on the main Island of Japan, famous for it’s Flora and Fauna. It boarders on four prefectures, Tochigi, Fukushima, Gunma, & Niigata, and gets also about 4m snow during winter.

This Survival-Camp provides two days of hiking, orienteering, setting up camp-site, basic food preparation and depending on the weather, even stargazing! The experience will enhance critical leadership skills and intensify teamwork skills by sharing daily tasks and responsibilities and working in groups where everyone contributes.

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