Meguro Campus - AJE Action Saturdays

Action Saturdays provide weekly ongoing applied learning experiences based on the best things we do in our camps. As is the objective, kids learn through doing things, making things, and going places.

Action Learning

Our kids grow by applying new and existing conceptual knowledge in real world situations to accomplish real goals.

Exploration & Discovery

Our children learn to identify and engage in learning challenges… in language, creativity, engineering, and technology. Our goal is that children are excited to learn, enthusiastic to understand, and passionate to act.

Physical Activities

A key part of Action Saturdays is the integration of age appropriate physical activities. As children grow, those basic skills are integrated in sports and other kinds of physical challenge such as dance, performance, and more.


English is the language of instruction for AJE. All of the classes are delivered in English, and Action Learning is based on the notion that learning improves when used in context and to accomplish understandable goals.