News & Events - Alumni visit at A-JIS

Alumni visit at A-JIS

There’s no better way to celebrate being a jaguar than returning to campus! A group of 10 alumni visited us recently in Hikarigaoka campus, where they were warmly welcomed by Ms. Endo, head of the Japanese department and beloved teacher from our graduates.

The homecoming event took place on Saturday, July 8th. A small encounter planned for those Alumni spending their summer vacation in Tokyo. After the exciting first meeting of those who were seeing each other after so many years, they had a cozy lunch buffet while talking about their current lives. Lots of laughs came out when they found themselves again in the year books, showing how much they have grown since then.

As a really close group, they walked through the classrooms in search of memories or names of teachers that taught them. As some began at A-JIS in their early years, when the school was still located at Suginami, they were really marveled when they got to know the campus of Hikarigaoka.

A big thank you to Yuki, Marisa, Yoshiaki, Momoko, Riona, Natsuki, Karen, Haruki, Neiju and Vincent for coming (back) and sharing their impressions and memories with us!

We look forward to organize a bigger Homecoming event soon, to meet a greater group of A-JIS Alumni, being able to gather many international students as we can!


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