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EDUTech Asia 2017

Mr Paul Fradale, Director of Innovation and Blended Learning at A-JIS, attended the EDUTech Asia 2017 conference in Singapore on November 8 and 9.


On Day 1, Mr Fradale delivered a keynote speech From TAR to START-UP: Partnering with Tech to go Beyond ‘Teachers as Researchers’. The speech was centered in the initiative we are currently running at A-JIS and was divided into following main points:


  • Engaging with “teachers as researchers” is powerful, but as with students, authentic audience and application matter
  • Partnering teachers with ICT professionals to develop small-scale tech innovations yields powerful results
  • Change the tenor and quality of discussion at your school through teacher-directed, data-informed interventions
  • Encourage teachers to “go to market” with their solutions: raises school profile, empowers entrepreneurship in the faculty


In addition to the keynote, Mr Fradale was the conference chairperson for Day 2, running the stage, introducing speakers and giving small speeches throughout the day.



About EDUTech Asia 2017

EDUTech Asia 2017 is Asia’s largest education conference and exhibition, aiming to bring together the entire education sector in South East Asia to learn, be inspired and exchange ideas.