News & Events - European food week at school

European food week at school

We are having the European food week at school! Have a look at the delicious menu that Chef Andrea Cozzolino from Cezars prepared for us. The pictures speak for themselves:


Monday, Jul 31, 2017
France Beef Bourguignon
Buttered Corn
Steamed Broccoli
Mash Potato
Fresh Fruits



Tuesday, Aug 1, 2017
Italy Pizza Margherita
Cesar Salad
Buttered Corn
Herb Bread Rolls
Chocolate Chip Cookies




Wednesday, Aug 2, 2017
England Roast Pork w/ Brown Gravy
Olive & Cucumber Salad
Glazed Carrots Bubbles N Squeak
Banana Cake





Thursday, Aug 3, 2017
Greece Greek Chicken Gyros
Greek Salad
Pita Bread w/ Tzatziki Sauce
French Fries
Yogurt w/ Fruit