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Mirai no Mori visits A-JIS

Ms. Kozue Oka, guest speaker from Mirai no Mori came today to talk to our G4/5 students.

Mirai no Mori is a not-for-profit organization that creates life-changing outdoor programs for abused, neglected, and orphaned youths in Japan, supporting their growth into happy and successful young adults.

In the first session, Ms. Kozue Oka talked about the rights of the children in Japan: how organisations and individuals are working to help children gain these rights. What obstacles are in the way that stops them from gaining these rights (e.g. cultural perception, etc).

The purpose of the second session was to talk about Ms. Kozue Oka’s journey: why she took on this role in the organisation. What is her passion and what differences she has been making in children’s lives.



The International Early Years Orientation Certificate: Enrollments open today!


Learning and Working with A-JIS

Aoba-Japan International Schools Group is a fast expanding group of international and bilingual schools nurtured by Business Breakthrough University – Japan’s largest online university. A-JIS has a dynamic approach to blended learning, inquiry-based education and building social capital. With a full Kinder-High School campus running all three prestigious International Baccalaureate programmes in Tokyo’s Hikarigaoka, the group has five satellite primary and pre-school international and bilingual campuses throughout the city. Working with A-JIS is exciting, demanding, fulfilling and full of possibilities for educators with a global vision for Japan.

We are proud to offer the International Early Years Orientation Certificate. Primarily for newly qualified teachers wishing to experience and enter the world of global education, the IEYOC is the first in a suit of hands-on, postgraduate certificate courses that lead to a greater capacity for the educator in international and bilingual education and the possibility of a career pathway within the group or elsewhere.


Educating in a Global Japan

Now you have qualified as an educator, have you considered where it can take you and how
you can help your community? Japan is globalising. The future lies in global participation and involvement and that means our young people will need to grow as confident global citizens. They therefore need teachers to help them start out on this path.



Dates: Registration to 30 March (or until places are full) – in the first case contact

Timeline: 15th-30th March: Interviews/Pre-reading/preparation begins;
2nd April – 21st June: Research and Learning on Campus

Number of places: 5

Commitment: 4 days per week on campus; 6-8 hours research off campus

Costs: As you are helping us pilot this course, the costs to
you are only transport, food and your feedback.


Certificate outcomes

In addition to gaining practical experience of international/bilingual education, the
participant will gain a certificate of achievement along with a portfolio that will contain a record of their research and expertise. Assessment will be ongoing and participative and will involve the following evidence: Progression through a running blog Observations, co-Planning, co-Teaching and solo teaching classes with a mentor Research into a focus area of pedagogy of your choice.


Download the flyer

Welcome to the world of global education! The experience of Pauli Huotari, teaching intern at Aoba-Japan International School

Mr. Pauli Huotari is doing a six week practicum with us in order to complete his teaching training course from UCC, Denmark. After little more than 1 month, he had the opportunity to do some teaching by himself in both English and Visual Arts. In addition to the practical international experience gained, Mr. Huotari seems to be enjoying the cultural contrasts, as he has always been fascinated by the Japanese traditions. Read more about him!


What would your autobiography be called?
If life gives you lemon, sell them for profit!


Where are you from and how long have you been living in Tokyo?
I’m from Denmark, and I have been living in Japan for little more than 1 month.


What brought you to Tokyo?
For many years, I have been very fascinated by the Japanese culture. So different from the Danish, and full of contrast. It’s very interesting.


What is your first impression from Japan?
Very quiet somewhere, and a lot of noise in the supermarket


What are you studying?

I study to become a teacher, because I like teaching.


What are your roles here at A-JIS?
I’m an intern here, so I observe 6th and 7th grade. I have also done some teaching myself in those grades in both English and Visual Art.


How is your experience in A-JIS going so far?
It’s been very good. People have been very nice and helpful, and the canteen food is good!


Would you recommend the practicum experience to someone?
Yes absolutely. This is a nice place for people to get their practicum. You can learn a lot from the structure and from the gifted teachers as well.


What do you like most about your profession?
I like when the students are really motivated to learn and do stuff. To get there is not always easy, but when it happens, it’s good!


What do you enjoy the most about life?
Speaking with people from different cultures. Explore, travel and eat good food!


What do you do for fun?
I take pictures and do karate – OSU!


What’s the most unusual place you have visited?
In Costa Rica there was a guy living in an abandoned church. That was a different kind of living, I thought…


Is there something interesting about yourself you would like to share?
Not about me, but my motto or mantra in life is: find something that makes you happy. Before you get to the pursuit of that, you have to ask yourself “am I happy?”. Think about it for a couple of years and ask the same question again!

JAXA Chōfu Aerospace Center

A-JIS G4 and G5 students paid a visit to JAXA Chōfu Aerospace Center. They learned about Japanese technology through real machines, exhibitions and simulators.

4M Pictures


5S Pictures


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A-JIS Global Trips Summer 2018


A-JIS is having educational overseas trips going to happen during this summer!





1. Performing Arts Workshop in Poland – by Mrs. Tomaszewska and Ms. Holderman

Students will enjoy 3-day stay in beautiful Wroclaw awarded as Europe’s Best Destination for 2018. Next they will relocate for 9 days to The Sudety Mountains – Ladek Spa, a resort dating back to 1478. It’s the place where each year in July International Dance Festival takes place. Students will be involved in dance workshops of their choice, enjoy sightseeing beautiful Lower Silesia region, which is part of European Route of Castles and Palaces. Evenings will be filled with dance performances (by professional groups) in the outdoor amphitheater.


2. Himalayan Village Life – by Ms. Nishimoto

Students are going to participate in ongoing service initiatives designed to address community needs related to post-earthquake problems, education, environmental conservation, drinking water, and general quality of life improvements for the village.The trip also includes trekking through the beautiful Himalayan mountains, homestay in the local village, and cultural experience in the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu.


3. International Exchange Opportunities 2018-2019 – by Mr. Thorn

Detailed information will be offered on the information sessions.